Every family needs support during this exciting yet nervous time in their life.  This is the foundation of The Babylove Company:

  • To help you understand the changes which are occurring in your body as it prepares to give birth

  • To help you understand what is occurring in your body at the onset and during the progression of labor

  • To provide the support which will help keep you relaxed as your birthing body does that which it instinctively knows how to do; that which it was designed to do

  • To show you how to work with your body instead of against it in order to progress more easily through the stages of labor until that glorious moment when your baby emerges to meet you face to face for the first time

  • To help support you as you become a new parent and learn to navigate the changes in your home and your life

With these goals in mind, The Babylove Company is currently able to offer the following birthing services:

HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education Classes

Have you and your partner ever dreamed of a birth which was calm, serene and joyful, without any tension or stress?  A birth which This class will open your mind to these possibilities and much more.  Through deep relaxation skills achieved by visualization and self-hypnosis, HypnoBirthing® shows you how to trust in your body’s natural ability to give birth, release prior programming about birth, and how to let go of the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle that has caused so many women to fear birthing their babies more than anything else.  This class is a 5 week class for 2 ½ hours each session and costs $350 .   The class fee covers the cost of the mother and her Birth Companion and includes the book HypnoBirthing®: The Mongan Method by Marie Mongan and the accompanying Rainbow Relaxation & Birthing Affirmations CD or digital download.  Classes are continuously being formed so call, text, or email for details.  Additionally, we also offer private, in-home classes for those unable to make it to a group.

             Classes continuously forming; call to inquire.                                                              (774)287-5607


Class Options

Birth Doula Services

Our birth doula's goal is to provide the support necessary to a pregnant woman and her family to have the best birth experience possible. The support provided includes 2 in-home visits to talk about the pregnancy, what you can expect during labor, comfort & progression measures designed to help with the birth process, assistance with the development of a birth plan, physical and emotional support during labor and delivery and assistance with initiating the 1st  breastfeeding, a 2nd-day post-hospital breastfeeding support home visit and a postpartum review of your birth experience and a list of relavant, new mom resources .  Additionally, unlimited phone, email, and text support is available prior to your birth, and I will be available and on-call 24/7 for the last 2 weeks prior to your due date.

We also offers a HypnoBirthing® Doula Package which includes the 12-hour HypnoBirthing® class privately in your home,  all of the above mentioned support measures, and the support of a trained  HypnoBirthing® doula to help guide your relaxation and maintain your calm throughout your labor and delivery.  

Service prices are as follows:


  Birth Doula Services                  HypnoBirthing® Doula Service      $850                                                  $1200


    Additional A' La Carte & Package Options Available Here